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News and World Events

June 27, 2019

June 6, 2019

May 30, 2019

May 23, 2019

May 16, 2019

July 4, 2019

Man dies after eating gecko

July 2 - An Australian family is still grieving over the unexpected loss of their father, who fell gravely ill allegedly after eating a gecko on a dare. David Dowell was reportedly challenged to eat the small lizard at a Christmas party last year, and was rushed to the hospital two days later in “absolute agony.” “It was a dare but I don’t know if it was a serious one, I was paying attention but not really because it was a Christmas party and the kids were invited,” Allira Bricknell, the 34-year-old’s "longtime partner", told

Google Maps detour strands more than 100 vehicles near Colorado airport

June 27 - A Google Maps error near a Colorado airport left more than 100 drivers seeking a detour stranded on a dirt road. Drivers headed to the Denver International Airport said they were diverted by Google Maps Sunday due to a crash on Pena Boulevard that led the app to offer a detour. The drivers were led down a dirt road that soon turned muddy due to recent rains and vehicles ended up stuck with about 100 cars lined up behind them. "There were a bunch of other cars going down [the dirt road] too...

Mayflies show up on weather radar, swarm cars in Ohio

June 28 - Northeastern Ohio is in the midst of a mayfly invasion, with the seasonal insects showing up on weather radar and being spotted swarming vehicles. Weather radar at WOIO-TV and WEWS-TV picked up a swarming mass of the mayflies, which come from Lake Erie, as they flew over the northeastern part of the state. Photos going viral on Facebook and Twitter show swarms of mayflies completely covering parked cars. Experts said mayflies only live for one or two days after coming to land...

Muddy geyser takes over New Zealand family's home

June 28 - A New Zealand family fled their home and neighbors are being warned to keep a distance after a muddy geyser started swallowing the property. Susan Gedye said she awoke Tuesday morning at her home in Rotorua to what she initially thought was an earthquake. Gedye told Radio New Zealand she looked out her kitchen window and spotted "a big geyser coming out of the ground." Gedye and her family abandoned their home as a precaution and the mud geyser continued to grow...

Doctor finds live tick inside ear of woman with tinnitus

June 28 - A doctor at a hospital in Thailand shared video of the unusual discovery inside the ear of a woman complaining of tinnitus -- a tick. Dr. Piradee Chanmonthon, 37, an otolaryngologist at Buddhachinaraj Hospital in Phitsanulok, said the 50-year-old woman came into the hospital complaining of a ringing sound that had been in her left ear for weeks. Piradee looked inside the woman's ear and discovered a tick had bitten the inside of her ear repeatedly.

Snake slithers up to Texas home, rings doorbell

July 3 - A Texas woman shared video of a wall-climbing snake that scaled the outside of her home and used its face to ring her doorbell. The security camera footage from the Converse home shows the snake slither up to the door at 1 a.m. Sunday and use its face to ring the doorbell. "We checked our Ring, and it was a snake," homeowner Belinda Muniz told KSAT-TV. "You just never expect a snake to ring your doorbell." She said the video should serve as a warning.

June 27, 2019

Veterinarians remove 19 pacifiers from bulldog's stomach

June 21 - A Boston animal hospital said veterinarians used X-rays to discover the cause of a bulldog's nausea and vomiting: 19 pacifiers in his stomach. The MSPCA's Angell Animal Medical Center said Emily Shanahan, the owner of Mortimer, a 3-year-old bulldog, brought the canine into the facility in the spring to investigate the cause of his nausea and vomiting. Mortimer was initially diagnosed with an acid reflux-related vomiting syndrome, but Shanahan brought him back to the hospital...

Man with metal detector finds wedding ring lost 50 years ago

June 26 - A 94-year-old woman was reunited with her wedding ring after nearly 50 years thanks to a man who overheard her conversation about the gold band. Florene Bush, 94, a resident at a Leoma nursing home, was talking about her long-lost ring when she was overheard by Wesley White, a metal detector enthusiast who was visiting his mother at the facility. White spoke to Bush and her son, Frank Bush, and learned the ring had been lost in the 1970s while Bush was gardening near her home.

Out-of-control motorhome flies through the air and smashes into ferry

June 27 - A 40-year-old motorhome driver has been killed after his RV hurtled up a ferry terminal's ramp, flew into the air and slammed down on the departing ship's deck. Éric Belec from Laval, Quebec, was pulled from the wreckage of the decimated campervan and rushed to hospital where he died hours later. A woman passenger, 40, remains in critical condition from the crash which was reportedly caused after the vehicle suffered mechanical failures.

June 6, 2019

11-foot alligator removed from Florida resident's kitchen

May 31 - Police and an animal trapper were summoned to a Florida home where an 11-foot alligator had broken into the house through a kitchen window. The City of Clearwater said police and a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission trapper responded overnight to an Eagles Landing area home where the large gator was found lurking on the bathroom floor. Police said the reptile broke into the home through some low kitchen windows.

Alligator ruins Florida couple's picnic plans

June 3 - A Florida couple having a romantic picnic next to a lake had their amorous encounter ruined when an alligator dashed out of the water to steal their food. Taylor Forte said she and her fiance, Trevor Walters, were having a picnic next to Lake Alice in Gainesville when the reptile appeared on the shore of the lake and quickly took over their blanket. Forte captured video as the alligator made quick work of salami, cheese and other picnic foods. The couple said the alligator eventually went back...

Raccoon takes ride on Tennessee teen's windshield

June 4 - A teenager who was only on her second day as a licensed driver experienced an unusual hazard behind the wheel when a raccoon hitched a ride on her windshield. Haylee Lowry, 16, was driving home from basketball practice with her mother in Tennessee when she thought she ran over a raccoon. The animal surprised the mother and daughter moments later when it climbed to the windshield of the still-moving car. Lowry's mother, Michelle Lowry, captured video of the raccoon's daring stunt.

Doctor finds spider nesting inside patient's ear

June 4 - A doctor in Vietnam captured video when a patient's ear pain turned out to be caused by a tiny spider living inside her ear. Dr. Thuoc said a patient came into the clinic in Hai Duong complaining of pain inside her ear, and Thuoc used an endoscope to look inside for the cause. Tuoc captured video of the surprising cause of the woman's pain -- a spider nesting inside her ear. The doctor said he was able to use a small light to lure the arachnid out of the woman's ear canal.

911 caller complained Taco Bell was out of taco shells

June 5 - Police in Louisiana are reminding residents to keep 911 calls limited to emergencies after someone called to report Taco Bell was out of taco shells. The Slidell Police Department said someone called 911 to report the Taco Bell on Gause Boulevard in Slidell "ran out of both hard and soft taco shells." "While this is truly a travesty, the police can't do anything about this," police said. "Hopefully, they are replenished in time for Taco Tuesday!" Police described the incident...

May 30, 2019

Utah couple take 'new baby' photos with Mustang supercharger

May 24 - A Utah couple pressured to have grandchildren retaliated against the husband's mother by staging a new baby photo shoot with the supercharger for their Ford Mustang. Brayden Tomicic said he and his wife, Payton, had been getting pressure from his mother to start giving her grandchildren, so they decided to hold a photo shoot cradling the new supercharger for his 2007 Fort Mustang GT like a new baby. "The last two years Payton and I have been preparing for this moment...

Man out of jail for just 45 minutes attacks 91-year-old woman at home

May 30 - A man accused of trying to rob a 91-year-old Arizona woman last week had been released from a Scottsdale jail just 45 minutes earlier, KNXV reported. Police re-arrested Danny Nicholas, 35, on May 20 after a neighbor chased him away as he tried to steal a wedding ring from the woman in her home, The Arizona Republic reported. Catherine Mason says her sister and daughter spotted Nicholas as he shoved the 91-year-old into her home, KSAZ reported. Her sister called 911 while Mason...

World's smallest surviving baby released from hospital

May 30 - The world's smallest surviving premature baby was released from a San Diego hospital this month, according to a statement by the hospital on Wednesday. Baby Saybie weighed 8.6 ounces when she was born on December 2018 at 23 weeks and three days, the same weight as a large apple. The parents (who wish to remain anonymous but gave permission to the hospital to publicize the story) were told by doctors that Saybie would die within a few hours.

May 23, 2019

Spanish couple discovers 80,000 bees in their bedroom wall

May 20 - A couple in Spain discovered a buzzing sound that was keeping them up at night was caused by 80,000 bees in their bedroom wall. The couple from the city of Granada, Andalusia, had been mystified by the low humming sound emitting from their wall for two years, until the sound became louder as temperatures in the area rose and they called a local beekeeper for help. "From about three months ago there was an unbearable noise and they didn't know what to do," beehive relocation...

Hand-drawn vehicle inspection sticker doesn't fool police

May 22 - Authorities in New York state said a driver was ticketed after a sharp-eyed deputy noticed the vehicle's inspection sticker was hand-drawn on construction paper. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said a driver was pulled over Monday in Amsterdam when a deputy noticed the vehicle's inspection sticker did not appear to be official. The deputy discovered the sticker was actually made of construction paper and was hand-drawn to resemble an official New York State Safety...

Big screen TV fished out of Houston storm drain

May 22 - Officials in Houston are asking neighbors to check inside their storm drains after a big screen TV was found clogging one such drain in the city. A resident of the Greensbrook Place neighborhood said the TV had been in the storm drain for some time before it was removed by a Harris County Precinct One crew. Neighbors said the TV was the largest object they had ever seen in a storm drain. "I mean, clothes, backpack, bags, whatever, but I've never seen anything as big as a TV...

May 16, 2019

Potential buyer turns test drive for vintage $2.2 million Ferrari into grand theft auto

May 15 - When someone wants to test drive the vehicle you're selling you're very cautious. Right? Especially when the car is worth $2.2 million. Yet, German police recovered a valuable 1980s Ferrari stolen during a test drive and are searching for the man believed to have sped off with the car while posing as a would-be buyer. The red Ferrari 288 GTO, first registered in 1985, is believed to be worth more than $2.2 million. A man answering an advertisement turned up for a sales appointment...

Company's new chicken nugget flavored ice cream proves controversial

May 9 - An Irish ice cream company is causing a stir online with the debut of its unusual new flavor: chicken nugget. XXI ICE, based in Dundalk, unveiled its latest creation, chicken nugget flavored ice cream. The company released a video showing how the ice cream is made, which actual chunks of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets broken up into the vanilla ice cream and more chicken nuggets on top as a garnish. The company previously made viral waves when it released...

Seattle zoo creates special shoes to help baby giraffe walk

May 9 - A baby giraffe born at a Seattle zoo has been outfitted with a custom-made pair of therapeutic shoes to treat a leg abnormality that prevented it from walking. The Woodland Park Zoo said the giraffe, a yet-unnamed male born at the facility May 2, was born with a condition known as hyper-extended fetlocks that made it difficult for him to walk. "It is well documented in horses and has been reported to occur in giraffes," zoo veterinarian Tim Storms said.

New Jersey man records bears fighting in front yard

May 10 - A New Jersey man captured video when he was confronted with an unusual scene in his front yard -- two black bears fighting. Corey Bale of Frankford Township, in Sussex County, said a neighbor told him a bear had been spotted behind his home, where his son plays, and while he was investigating he heard sounds coming from the front yard. "When I went out to look, I actually heard the bears' jaws hitting together as they were fighting and growling at each other," Bale told

Small car transports huge load of wooden pallets

May 10 - A shocked witness on a Tennessee road captured video of a small car attempting to transport more than two dozen wooden pallets piled on top of the vehicle. The video, filmed just outside New Genesis Auto Detailing in Memphis, shows the car traveling at a slow speed to avoid jostling the pallets, which are piled more than twice the height of the vehicle. Witnesses can be heard commenting on the dangerous attempt at pallet transportation. It was unclear whether the vehicle...

NYC waiter returns $424K check to customer despite no tip

May 11 - A waiter at a New York City pizzeria returned a $424,000 cashier's check to a woman who accidentally left it behind and didn't leave a tip. Waiter Armando Markaj came across a check in an envelope containing a cashier's check while cleaning a table at Patsy's restaurant in Harlem on May 4. Karen Vinacour, a retired social worker, left the money behind while eating lunch with her daughter at Patsy's. Vinacour brought along the cashier's check as a down payment...

Poppy seed bagel causes woman in labor to test positive for drugs

May 15 - A New York state mother was temporarily separated from her newborn son after a bagel caused a false positive on a drug test administered while she was in labor. Elizabeth Dominguez of Tonawanda said staff at the hospital in Niagara Falls took a urine sample for testing while she was in labor and they later told her she had tested positive for opiates. "I did a urine test and it came back that I tested positive for opiates," she told WKBW-TV. "I called my husband freaking out saying 'how is this possible?...