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News and World Events

May 16, 2019

May 9, 2019

May 2, 2019

April 25, 2019

April 18, 2019

May 23, 2019

Spanish couple discovers 80,000 bees in their bedroom wall

May 20 - A couple in Spain discovered a buzzing sound that was keeping them up at night was caused by 80,000 bees in their bedroom wall. The couple from the city of Granada, Andalusia, had been mystified by the low humming sound emitting from their wall for two years, until the sound became louder as temperatures in the area rose and they called a local beekeeper for help. "From about three months ago there was an unbearable noise and they didn't know what to do," beehive relocation...

Hand-drawn vehicle inspection sticker doesn't fool police

May 22 - Authorities in New York state said a driver was ticketed after a sharp-eyed deputy noticed the vehicle's inspection sticker was hand-drawn on construction paper. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said a driver was pulled over Monday in Amsterdam when a deputy noticed the vehicle's inspection sticker did not appear to be official. The deputy discovered the sticker was actually made of construction paper and was hand-drawn to resemble an official New York State Safety...

Big screen TV fished out of Houston storm drain

May 22 - Officials in Houston are asking neighbors to check inside their storm drains after a big screen TV was found clogging one such drain in the city. A resident of the Greensbrook Place neighborhood said the TV had been in the storm drain for some time before it was removed by a Harris County Precinct One crew. Neighbors said the TV was the largest object they had ever seen in a storm drain. "I mean, clothes, backpack, bags, whatever, but I've never seen anything as big as a TV...

May 16, 2019

Potential buyer turns test drive for vintage $2.2 million Ferrari into grand theft auto

May 15 - When someone wants to test drive the vehicle you're selling you're very cautious. Right? Especially when the car is worth $2.2 million. Yet, German police recovered a valuable 1980s Ferrari stolen during a test drive and are searching for the man believed to have sped off with the car while posing as a would-be buyer. The red Ferrari 288 GTO, first registered in 1985, is believed to be worth more than $2.2 million. A man answering an advertisement turned up for a sales appointment...

Company's new chicken nugget flavored ice cream proves controversial

May 9 - An Irish ice cream company is causing a stir online with the debut of its unusual new flavor: chicken nugget. XXI ICE, based in Dundalk, unveiled its latest creation, chicken nugget flavored ice cream. The company released a video showing how the ice cream is made, which actual chunks of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets broken up into the vanilla ice cream and more chicken nuggets on top as a garnish. The company previously made viral waves when it released...

Seattle zoo creates special shoes to help baby giraffe walk

May 9 - A baby giraffe born at a Seattle zoo has been outfitted with a custom-made pair of therapeutic shoes to treat a leg abnormality that prevented it from walking. The Woodland Park Zoo said the giraffe, a yet-unnamed male born at the facility May 2, was born with a condition known as hyper-extended fetlocks that made it difficult for him to walk. "It is well documented in horses and has been reported to occur in giraffes," zoo veterinarian Tim Storms said.

New Jersey man records bears fighting in front yard

May 10 - A New Jersey man captured video when he was confronted with an unusual scene in his front yard -- two black bears fighting. Corey Bale of Frankford Township, in Sussex County, said a neighbor told him a bear had been spotted behind his home, where his son plays, and while he was investigating he heard sounds coming from the front yard. "When I went out to look, I actually heard the bears' jaws hitting together as they were fighting and growling at each other," Bale told

Small car transports huge load of wooden pallets

May 10 - A shocked witness on a Tennessee road captured video of a small car attempting to transport more than two dozen wooden pallets piled on top of the vehicle. The video, filmed just outside New Genesis Auto Detailing in Memphis, shows the car traveling at a slow speed to avoid jostling the pallets, which are piled more than twice the height of the vehicle. Witnesses can be heard commenting on the dangerous attempt at pallet transportation. It was unclear whether the vehicle...

NYC waiter returns $424K check to customer despite no tip

May 11 - A waiter at a New York City pizzeria returned a $424,000 cashier's check to a woman who accidentally left it behind and didn't leave a tip. Waiter Armando Markaj came across a check in an envelope containing a cashier's check while cleaning a table at Patsy's restaurant in Harlem on May 4. Karen Vinacour, a retired social worker, left the money behind while eating lunch with her daughter at Patsy's. Vinacour brought along the cashier's check as a down payment...

Poppy seed bagel causes woman in labor to test positive for drugs

May 15 - A New York state mother was temporarily separated from her newborn son after a bagel caused a false positive on a drug test administered while she was in labor. Elizabeth Dominguez of Tonawanda said staff at the hospital in Niagara Falls took a urine sample for testing while she was in labor and they later told her she had tested positive for opiates. "I did a urine test and it came back that I tested positive for opiates," she told WKBW-TV. "I called my husband freaking out saying 'how is this possible?...

May 9, 2019

Teens praying for help rescued by boat called 'Amen'

May 3 - A pair of Florida teens who were swept out to sea by a strong current said they were praying for help when their rescue came in the form of a boat called "Amen". Tyler Smith and Heather Brown, both 17, said they decided to go swimming in Vilano Beach for senior skip day, but a strong current left them stranded about 2 miles off the coastline for about two hours. The pair said they started to pray for help. "While I was laying on my back, the best I could, floating, I just called out...

Woman arrives home to find alligator ringing her doorbell

May 3 - A woman who just recently moved to South Carolina was welcomed to the neighborhood by an unusual scene -- an alligator ringing her doorbell. Karen Alfano, who recently moved from New Jersey to Myrtle Beach, said she arrived home to see an alligator at her front door. Alfano recorded video as the gator climbed onto its hind legs and appeared to ring the doorbell. The recent transplant told WSOC-TV the encounter was "the coolest thing that could ever possibly happen to anyone."

Thieves take entire Pepsi vending machine from Washington state business

May 3 - Security cameras outside a Washington state car service store captured the moment two men stole an entire Pepsi vending machine -- despite the police station right across the street. Ryan King, owner of the ProFormance Lube Center in Spokane Valley, said he arrived for work Wednesday morning and immediately noticed something rather large was missing. "We have had small thefts, but nothing this drastic," King told KHQ-TV. "As soon as we got in we could tell it was gone."

Bear caught on camera having a soak in Tennessee hot tub

May 3 - A tourist at a cabin in Tennessee captured photos of an unusual fellow visitor -- a black bear relaxing in the rental's hot tub. Hannah Elizabeth Strickland captured photos Friday morning of three bears wandering around the rental property in Gatlinburg. The photos show one of the bears settling into the hot tub on the cabin's back porch for a relaxing soak. The three bears eventually wandered off on their own.

Drivers block Los Angeles area freeway doing burnouts

May 7 - Authorities in the Los Angeles area are investigating a video showing freeway traffic being blocked by drivers doing burnouts and other dangerous stunts. The video shows the 118 Freeway near Porter Ranch being brought to a standstill by a small group of drivers doing burnouts in the middle of the roadway. Police said the drivers of the vehicles performing the stunts have not been identified. A video captured in February on Interstate 24, near Antioch, Tenn., shows a similar traffic jam being caused...

Driver cited for using mannequin to drive in carpool lane

May 7 - Police in New York state said a driver was cited after a sharp-eyed officer noticed he was using the carpool lane with a mannequin as his passenger. The Suffolk County Police Department said Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Spina was driving Monday on the Long Island Expressway when he noticed something seemed suspicious about the passenger in a 2002 Saturn that was using the high-occupancy vehicle lane. Spina pulled the vehicle over and discovered the passenger...

Doorbell camera captures snake strike on visitor's head

May 8 - An Oklahoma resident's doorbell camera captured the moment a visiting friend approached the front door and was bitten on the face by a snake. The video, recorded by Rodney Copeland's doorbell camera in Lawton and posted to Facebook by his son, shows Jerel Heywood approaching the front door Sunday when a snake wrapped around a porch light suddenly strikes the visitor in the face. Copeland took Heywood to the emergency room, where doctors treated the wound and determined the snake was not venomous.

May 2, 2019

Florida woman finds alligator banging on glass door

April 26 - A Florida woman arrived home to find an alligator lurking around the house and captured video of the reptile banging on her glass door. Donna Heiss said she pulled into the garage at her home in Palm Coast and heard her neighbors yelling for her to rush inside. Heiss went in her home to discover an alligator was banging on the glass of her front door. The resident posted video footage to Facebook showing the gator banging on the glass door and standing on its hind legs...

Coyote chases off burglar outside California home

April 26 - A security camera in California captured the moment a would-be burglar was chased away from a resident's car by an unusual member of neighborhood watch -- a coyote. Cristy Trujillo posted a video to Facebook showing the footage recorded outside of her parents' home in Downey. The video shows a man breaking into Trujillo's stepfather's car when a coyote suddenly appears. The coyote chases the man, who gives up on the burglary attempt and hides from the wild animal.

Doorbell camera catches thieving squirrel with biscuit

April 26 - A New Jersey homeowner's doorbell camera captured the moment a thieving squirrel swiped a biscuit from the front porch. The Ring camera video from the Mays Landing home shows the squirrel carrying a biscuit nearly half the size of its own body while climbing on the house. The squirrel jumps to a nearby rocking chair without dropping the biscuit and runs off with its pilfered snack.

Theater changes 'Hellboy' to 'Heckboy' on roadside sign

April 26 - A movie theater in Dickson, Tenn., found a creative way to protect the elementary school students across the street from seeing profanity on their roadside sign -- change the name Hellboy to Heckboy. The Roxy Movie Theater's listings caught the attention of passersby because of the name change. Owner Belinda Daniel said she doesn't like to include movie titles with any sort of profanity on the sign because it's across the street from Oakmont Elementary School and a church.

Man walks narrow ledge to retrieve cat from neighbor's balcony

April 26 - A Toronto man was caught on video walking across a narrow ledge six stories above the ground to retrieve his cat from a neighbor's balcony. James Powell, who lives across from the building where the scene unfolded, captured video of the man walking across the narrow ledge between balconies to retrieve the cat. Powell said he wanted to urge the man to reconsider the dangerous move, but he was afraid of startling him and making him fall.

Deer dash onto field during college baseball game in Ohio

April 30 - A college baseball game in Ohio was temporarily halted due to some unexpected intruders on the field -- a trio of deer. The deer jumped the fence at Nobby's Ballpark in Cleveland during the bottom of the first inning of Case Western Reserve University's game against Brandeis University. A video shared by CWRU on YouTube shows the deer running to left field, where players opened a gate. The footage shows the deer decide not to use the exit, and instead dash back to the right field fence...

Hummingbird returns to visit man years after rescue

April 30 - A Georgia man who rescued an injured hummingbird four years ago said the grateful avian still makes yearly trips to visit his home. Mike Cardenaz said the hummingbird, which he named Buzz, was found four years ago on the front porch of his Grovetown home with broken feathers that prevented him from flying. Cardenaz offered Buzz shelter and a diet of Pedialyte and sugar for eight weeks until the bird was able to fly back into the wild -- but Buzz returned to his home the next year and landed on his hand.

April 25, 2019

Unconscious person spotted by firefighters was 11-foot gator

April 22 - Firefighter sin Florida said they stopped to help what appeared to be an unconscious person late at night and discovered it was actually an 11-foot alligator. Miami Fire Rescue said the crew was heading back to their station about 11 p.m. Friday when they spotted what appeared to be a person in distress in a residential neighborhood. "As they got closer, they noticed that this was not a person but actually an 11-foot alligator," Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll told WVSN-TV.

10-foot alligator disrupts games at South Carolina golf course

April 24 - Golf games at a South Carolina course came to an abrupt halt when a 400-pound alligator decided to brazenly stroll across the course. Cory Grimes, assistant golf pro at Long Cove Club's Pete Dye golf course on Hilton Head Island, said golf games were halted Tuesday to give the 10-foot alligator a wide berth as it traveled across the course. "It was moving from one lagoon to the next, and the golf course and the driving range were in the way," Grimes told the Hilton Head Island Packet.

Apple Watch lost in the ocean, found six months later, still works

April 24 - A California man who lost his Apple Watch while body surfing in the ocean said it was returned to him six months later -- and it still works. Robert Bainter said he was at Huntington Beach about six months ago when he caught a big wave. "A huge wave came and you know I was loving it, rode it and then I pick up my arm and like 'Oh my', what just happened," Bainter recalled to KTLA-TV of the moment he noticed the Apple Watch was gone.

April 18, 2019

Mississippi neighbors perplexed by mashed potato mystery

April 12 - Residents of a Mississippi neighborhood are trying to get to the bottom of an unusual mystery -- someone has been leaving mashed potatoes in various locations. Neighbors in the Belhaven area of Jackson said they been finding plates of mashed potatoes in locations including porches, mailboxes and on top of vehicles. "This neighborhood does a lot of quirky things, we decorate road signs we put Christmas trees in our potholes, so it's not surprising at all, that's why I love this neighborhood...

Downed power line explodes, worker evades injury

April 16 - A New Jersey police sergeant's dashboard camera captured the moment a utility worker narrowly evaded injury when some fallen wires exploded. The Manchester Township Police Department shared the dash cam footage from Sgt. Christopher Hemhauser's patrol vehicle when he was parked near a downed power line in Manchester Township. The video shows the downed line erupt into a fireball, sending a utility worker scrambling to get out of the way. "I was under the impression that...

Affidavit: Off-duty officer in fatal crash had 'adult sodas'

April 18 - An affidavit says an off-duty police officer accused of driving drunk in a crash that killed a New Hampshire woman was seen weaving in and out of traffic and traveling in the wrong direction beforehand. The affidavit also says Londonderry police officer Tyler Berry told a first responder following the April 5 crash in Amherst that he had been drinking "adult sodas." State police said Berry crossed the center line in a pickup truck and hit a vehicle on Route 101.