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News and World Events

April 12, 2018

April 4, 2018

March 28, 2018

March 15, 2018

March 7, 2018

April 19, 2018

Tortoise found covered in red spray paint in Florida

April 19 - Authorities in Florida are offering a reward for information about a gopher tortoise found covered in red spray paint with some concrete on its shell. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission posted photos to Facebook showing the tortoise found Sunday in the middle of County Road 455, just south of Montverde in the Orlando area. The photos show the tortoise covered in what appears to be red spray paint and some concrete on its shell.

Fleeing suspect sinks into Florida swamp

April 19 - A suspect fleeing from police in Florida ended up needing their help when he ran into a swamp and sank up to his neck in thick mud. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office said deputies attempted to stop a driver for speeding Tuesday on U.S. Route 41 and the vehicle nearby struck deputies during the ensuing pursuit. The driver, identified as Paul Andrew Smith, got out of his vehicle after a short chase and fled on foot into a nearby swamp, the sheriff's office said.

Homeowner Finds Intruder Taking A Bath, Eating Cheetos

April 19 - Police in Louisiana say a woman came home to discover a naked stranger in her tub, eating her Cheetos while taking a bath. A Monroe police affidavit says 29-year-old Evelyn Washington was arrested on burglary and property damage charges. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that a responding officer found “a full tub of water and a plate of food along with half eaten Cheetos belonging to the victim on the toilet next to the tub.” Washington told the homeowner and police...

April 12, 2018

Baby elephant rescued after falling down well

April 10 - A group of wildlife officers in Sri Lanka were filmed digging out an old well to rescue a baby elephant that had fallen inside. A video filmed Friday near the town of Ampara shows the wildlife officers using a digger to remove the concrete top of the well and dig down to where the elephant had ended up after falling into the hole. The officers said the elephant's herd was nearby and was initially aggressive toward the rescuers until the animals apparently decided to allow them to proceed.

Territorial goose wreaks havoc on Florida neighborhood

April 11 - Residents of a Florida neighborhood said a lone goose is terrorizing the area by breaking windows and chasing locals who get too close. Neighbors on Green Reed Road in DeBary said the goose has been living in the area for some time, but only recently turned aggressive. "He had a friend and then the friend passed," Jennifer Gesule told WKMG-TV. "I don't know what happened with the friend, but his friend died and that's when the goose went a little bit crazy."

Teachers Get Baseball Bats to Confront Shooters in Pennsylvania District

April 11 - A school district in Erie, Pa., has supplied teachers and other school employees with miniature baseball bats to use as a last resort if confronted with an active shooter. “We don’t want to be sitting ducks,” William Hall, superintendent of the Millcreek Township School District, said on Wednesday. “We’re not just going to go hide.” The 18-inch wood bats are also meant to be “symbolic,” he said, to remind people that the old policy of simply turning off the lights, shutting the door and hiding...

April 4, 2018

Man confounds drivers with land-cruising jet ski

April 3 - A prankster in the Netherlands turned heads on city streets by taking a spin on his custom vehicle -- a jet ski modified for use on land. A video filmed Vroomshoop on Easter -- which was also April Fools' Day -- shows the man confusing fellow travelers on city streets by cruising on his land jet ski. The man said the vehicle was custom-made. "I was driving my newly built jet ski after a friend finished it this Easter," the man wrote. "We build it because I woke up one day thinking about such a thing...

Student driver crashes into DMV during road test

April 4 - Security cameras at a Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles office were rolling when a student driver apparently failed her test by crashing into the building. Footage recorded inside the DMV Waterbury office on Tuesday shows the car crash rear-first through the windows of the building on the parking lot side. The Connecticut State Police said the driver, a 46-year-old permit holder who was taking a driving test, accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake while backing...

Police department's big-mouthed suspect sketch goes viral

April 4 - A British police department's computer-generated sketch of a suspect is going viral thanks to the face's unrealistic proportions. Warwickshire Police tweeted a sketch of a man believed to have been involved in a distraction burglary in Stratford, England, in February. The department said the sketch was based on the victim's description, but commenters on Twitter suggested the sketch's unusually large mouth and teeth made it more closely resemble a Snapchat filter than a real person's face.

March 28, 2018

Florida woman films surprise encounter with gigantic rattlesnake

March 27 - A Florida woman walking with some friends captured video of a gargantuan rattlesnake they came upon in an open field. Jacksonville resident Lindsey Nilsen, who posted photos and a video from the encounter to Facebook, said she and her friends came across the 6-foot eastern diamondback rattlesnake in a field in the Oakleaf area on Sunday. "Ain't he a beaut!!" Nilsen wrote. She said she and her friends did not harm or kill the snake, which is seen in the video slithering away to taller grass.

Man uses wire cutters to free trapped elk from fence

March 28 - A British Columbia man who spotted an elk with its legs entangled in a barbed wire fence retrieved some wire cutters and returned to free the animal. Kate Bremner posted a video to Facebook showing her husband, Mitch Byle, rescuing the elk from the fence Sunday outside of Princeton. Bremner said she and Byle were driving home from her parents' house when they spotted the elk struggling to free itself near the road. "We actually turned around to our house and grabbed...

Animatronic T-Rex bursts into flames at Colorado dinosaur park

March 28 - Burning bits of "dinosaur" debris fell through thick clouds of smoke and flames spewed from the mouth of a giant animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex last week when an electrical problem caused a fire at a dinosaur exhibit in Colorado. The fire engulfed the life-size dinosaur Thursday at the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience, leaving nothing behind but part of its tail and the structure itself, according to FOX31 Denver. No one was injured in the fire.

March 15, 2018

Oklahoma mom who once married her son will now go to jail for marrying her daughter

March 14 - Patricia Ann Spann, 46, and her biological daughter Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, 26, got married in the town of Lawton about 17 months after same-sex marriage became legal in the state of Oklahoma. To get around the potential snag of their shared family name, Patricia Spann listed her name as Patricia Ann Clayton on the pair’s marriage license application, filed with Comanche County. For her part in marrying her daughter, two years after she was legally allowed to contact...

$2.3 billion goof: New commuter trains too wide for tunnels

March 14 - No one disputes this Australian state’s need to upgrade its rail-transit fleet after 40 years of service. The New South Wales regional train system in and around Sydney operates with a variety of trains, the oldest rolling stock – called V-sets – and newer XPT longer-distance carriers. After four decades, purchasing 512 new carriages at a cost of $2.3 billion had become a necessity. And with the purchase, commuters can look forward to mobile-phone charging stations...

Marvel fan spotted his $1.4M collection for sale online

March 14 - Police in California said two men were arrested on burglary charges after a man discovered his $1.4 million collection of Marvel super hero memorabilia for sale online. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office said the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department responded Feb. 22 to a storage facility where a man discovered his collection of Marvel collectibles had been stolen after he was made aware that some of his items were listed for sale online. Investigators contacted the online seller...

Russian plane loses load of gold, platinum and diamonds

March 15 - A plane's cargo ramp was damaged during takeoff in Russia, causing gold, platinum and diamonds to be spread from the runway to up to 16 miles from the airport. The Investigative Committee of Russia said the Nimbus Airlines AN-12 cargo plane was carrying $378 million worth of gold, platinum and diamonds when it took off from Yakutsk airport on Thursday. The plane's cargo ramp was somehow damaged during takeoff, causing gold to litter the runway...

Ohio residents mourn loss of 'Kangaroo Crossing' sign

March 13 - Residents of an Ohio neighborhood are lamenting the end of an era after city officials removed a "Kangaroo Crossing" street sign that had stood for years. The sign, a silhouette of a kangaroo on a yellow diamond-shaped road sign, had been a local mystery for years after it was erected in 2014 at the side of a road in the Clintonville neighborhood in Columbus, and the saga came to a close Monday when the city Department of Public Service had it removed.

March 7, 2018

Woman throwing out old toys finds ferret hiding with teddy bears

March 5 - Animal rescuers in Britain said a woman preparing to throw out a bag of old toys found a stray ferret snuggled up among the teddy bears. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said a woman was clearing out some old stuffed animals from a Woldingham, England, garage when she noticed one of the bags of toys was moving. The woman opened the bag and discovered a friendly ferret snuggled in with the teddy bears. RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Kirstie Gillard...

Video of smoking orangutang lands zoo in hot water, again

March 7 - An Indonesian zoo infamous for mistreatment of animals is being slammed again by activists after a video emerged of one of its orangutangs smoking. Activist Marison Guciano said Wednesday the smoking great ape is further evidence of a lack of supervision and education at Bandung Zoo, about 75 miles southwest of the capital, Jakarta.In the video shot Sunday, a young man flicks his half-smoked cigarette into the primate's enclosure. It's picked up by the reddish-brown primate...

Australian couple discovers world's oldest message in a bottle

March 6 - The world’s oldest message in a bottle washed up on a beach in Australia, about 132 years after it was thrown overboard a ship, according to 9 News in Australia. Kym and Tonya Illman of Perth, Australia, found the bottle in January near Wedge Island, about 100 miles away from Perth. “It just looked like a lovely old bottle, so I picked it up thinking it might look good in my bookcase," Tonya Illman told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. When Tonya Illman took the bottle back home...